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About the Founder
Erica Mather

Erica Mather’s fascination with the human body started at an early age. As a child athlete, she sustained her first injury while swimming, developing tendonitis in the shoulder at the tender age of eight.

This first injury was the beginning of a litany of trauma. Over the next fifteen years, she sustained shoulder, neck, upper back, elbow, wrist, low back, knee and ankle injuries.

When she developed adult onset migraine headaches in her mid-twenties, a healthcare practitioner urged Erica to try yoga, as part of the remedy.

This began Erica’s journey with Forrest Yoga, and her teacher and mentor, Ana Forrest, a world-renowned yoga teacher and healer. Forrest Yoga provides a unique context to explore the ways yoga offers healing through group classes or one-on-one work. The quality of attention the yoga clinician brings to the session, and the rich healing that can occur through skilled hands-on-assists, is unsurpassed. Using Forrest Yoga, Erica has been unwinding decades of damage her body, sustained not only through competitive sports (swimming and rowing), but also through the repetitive motions of professional piano playing.

Since beginning to teach and work in New York City, Erica has developed her own renown as a healer. She works intimately with each client, creating a yoga session that addresses the distinct needs of the individual, which can change from session to session. 

Erica is an E-RYT 500, a Yoga Therapist, and a Forrest Yoga Guardian. The highest position within Forrest Yoga, Guardians are entrusted by Ana Forrest to uphold and teach lineage after her death, and are privileged to receive more intimate training with this master. Erica also holds two undergraduate degrees in Music and Music Education (University of Wisconsin-Madison), as well as a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology (Columbia University).

Praise and Endorsements

Erica Mather has been an instrumental member of my wellness team as I go through the challenge of dealing with cancer. Her one-on-one yoga teaching, in addition to complementary therapies such as reiki, have been enormously helpful. I was amazed at how a brief reiki treatment restored my appetite, which had been ravaged by ongoing chemotherapy. ~Elizabeth

Erica Mather understands the intelligence of the body and mind. She is able to guide us into re-establishing the unity of these two important aspects which I often seen bringing pathology when operating independently from each other. She knows how to appropriately use yoga mechanics and relaxation aspects targeting the needs of the individual to alleviate dis-ease and help in the aid of injuries and common pain disorders as a complement to regular medicine. I trust her wisdom will prove invaluable to many. ~Dr. Vivian Suarez, Neurologist

I am most impressed with Erica’s ability to float between using the appropriate medical terminology as well as create expressive layman’s terms to guide her students into proper alignment.  It takes a deep understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and the underlying organ systems to be able to fluently exchange the precise technical terms back and forth with everyday people’s anatomical vocabulary. ~Elizabeth Gottschalk, BSN, RN CTICU Clinical Nurse at New York Presbyterian – Columbia University Medical Center

I have had the great pleasure of practicing with Erica for the past few years. Her thorough understanding of functional anatomy and keen ability to identify muscular imbalances enables her to design her yoga classes to address specific muscular injuries in a very sensible and thoughtful manner, while treating her clients in a supportive, encouraging environment. ~ Dr. Seth Perelman, M.D., Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist

I am so glad I can refer clients to you with confidence. I don’t have the time to teach them all myself. As a holistic OB/GYN and yoga teacher, I prescribe Forrest Yoga to some of my clients to complement the work we are doing in the medical office, and am happy that there are great teachers like you in NYC that can assist in their necessary transformation and healing process. Your skilled guidance in teaching (Forrest) yoga is already changing the life of the patient I recently referred to you.  ~Dr. Eden Fromberg, Holistic Gynecology & Integrative Fertility, SOHO OB/GYN

Erica builds a space for healing in each class and every one on one session she offers. Her professional approach to healing maintains the grounded environment needed for each of her students to connect into his or her own body and mind, resulting in a guided exploration of the edges conscious awareness as this relates to one’s mental, physical and spiritual health.

As a nurse practitioner who has focused her career on treating people with chronic disease, I wish I could give Erica to each of my patients in a journey towards wellness, rather than simply treating the symptoms with medications. Erica is an artist in health and wellness, and a mentor to those of us medical providers who wish to heal patients despite the confines of the current medical system. Her spirit, energy and devotion to her practice will have ripple effects through the healthcare system as she trains more healthcare practitioners how to deliver wellness care to themselves and those they care for. ~Ann Campbell, MSN, RN, MPH, Nurse Practitioner Consultant

I have elected Erica to join a small and select group of senior teachers who are Guardians of the Forrest Yoga legacy.

Erica brings an honesty and integrity to the classes she teaches, creating a sanctuary for her students to do that same deep and rich work, to go past the difficult issues and connect to and own parts of themselves that they were unable to reach on their own.

I believe that Erica’s deep understanding of physiologically friendly sequencing stems in part from her lifelong immersion in music.  Her sense of compositional shape, improvisation, and rhythm segue into her feel for yoga sequencing, the rhythms of the class, and of the human body.  Her keen intelligence allows her to move intuitively, makes her quick to respond to whatever the moment needs, and helps her students heal from past injuries as well as attain poses and mastery of the poses in ways they had not imagined.  All this adds to the beauty of Erica’s teaching.  ~Ana T. Forrest, Founder of Forrest Yoga