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Services and Consulting

Our on-premise process:

At your intake meeting, you first will experience our proprietary evaluation, and a yoga session. We will then either place you with our specialist who is best suited for your needs, or you will continue with your initial practitioner.

Then, over a package of 12 sessions will work to remediate the issue you presented with. If after those 12 sessions we agree that you are ready, and that you want to, we will place you in a group class that will help to continue your healing journey.  You will also have the option to continue with your practitioner exclusively, or in addition to classroom work.

Our off-premise process:

If you would like to install a yoga or wellness program into your medical practice or facility, we are here to help you with that undertaking. We will meet with you, your faculty or staff, and conduct an assessment. Together, we will design a plan, and The Yoga Clinic will help to implement, it through training and staffing.