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Are you interested in becoming a Yoga Clinician?

You are eligible for our series of 100 hour courses if you have already taken a 200 hour training. The next session (Level 1) will be held August 19-28, 2016 at PURE Yoga in Manhattan, New York.

Yoga Clinic Level 1 Professional Training

Course Description:

Do you want pragmatic, concrete tools to help your students with injuries, whether in group classes or in private sessions? Do you need help cultivating your skills as private practitioner?

In this 100-hour professional training program we will do a deep dive into common injuries you will encounter among the general population, and yoga-specific injuries your students may develop as a result of the practice.

We’ll emphasize private practice, and you will learn more about the art of working skillfully one-on-one, and how that relates to your work within group classes.

This training will include:

  • Daily group practice to experience classes designed for particular injuries
  • Weekly anatomy study of the body parts that correlate with the injury
  • Weekly focus on specific injuries
  • Help understanding the difference between “common” injuries of modernity, and “common” injuries specific to yoga practitioners
  • Education about poses, exercises and techniques to support the healing of specific injuries
  • Education about healing hand’s on assists, their technique and effects
  • Observation of one-on-one healing sessions with “real” students
  • Learning how to take session notes and to create a case study
  • Ongoing one-on-one work with a partner: you will give and receive private sessions in class, weekly
  • Feedback about your techniques, ideas, and development as a Yoga Clinician
  • Learning how to react quickly to new information about injuries
  • Education in a blueprint or session template that you can reliably use repeatedly to get quality results, and adapt quickly and easily on the fly as your clients require
  • Help defining the differences and similarities between your private session approach and your in-class approach
  • Interviews, discussion, and session work with “real” subjects

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